wtorek, 18 czerwca 2013

The deity of the internet must be fed

Catch a story and highlight the most controversial sections, even at the expense of good taste and putting yourself in the role of a hypocrite. This seems to be the price of writing on Jezebel, since in the article – that rather justly draws attention to the distasteful fashion photo shoot by Vice magazine (famous for its balancing on the edge of good taste) – describing the case of the posed photographs depicting female writers at the time of committing suicide, the author posted the same photos she declared to be sick.

The photographs on Jezebel don't have captions with links to specific clothes, but these are still the same pictures. Why would they be posted, since they are so "sick"?

Because that's how the media works. VICE deleted the pictures and apologized to everyone offended, so Jezebel readers didn't get the proverbial "meat". What's a text that's describing things that are no longer existent or accessible? An unclickable one!

Let's dump the photos, then, write how outrageous they are and wind the story up.

The deity of the internet – page views – must be fed. Fed with blood, distaste and jpeg.

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes it is worth sacrificing some page views to save face and reinforce the message.